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and hybrids, which can be manag▓ed on a small acreage and yet produce more milk.▓ Some good newsDr. Nicholas Kauta, commissioner in cha▓rge of livestock in Uganda, believes Ankol▓e cattle w

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al Anim▓al Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank has been storing sperms from bulls of the Ankole breed for breedin

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. Also, the Ankole long-horned cow is better adapted to semi-arid conditions. According to Carlos Ser, the Director General of ▓the Internat

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ional Livestock Research Institute, the reliance on exotic animal breeds poses a high risk because▓ they cannot cope with unpredictable fluctuati

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oral Environmental Network in the horn of Afri▓ca also maintains that Ankole cows can endure seasona▓l mov

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d of long horned Ankole cows.In the short ter▓m, the exotic and hybrids are commercially and economi▓cally very succ
essful, because they are grazed on sma ller▓ pieces of l and, produce plenty of milk a▓nd me at and generat e higher income. However the ▓ exotics are very vulnerable t o the harsh ▓envi ronment and the manageme nt costs are ver y high as the e▓xotics need special f odder and care. Ac cordingly in t he l▓ong te rm, they are not as comm 杭州市wap 三都水族自治县wap 闻喜县wap 鱼台县wap 松桃苗族自治县wap 霸州市5G 木兰县5G 禹城市wap 辽阳市wap 万源市wap 含山县wap 河口瑶族自治县wap 钟祥市wap 鸡西市5G 曲沃县5G 长沙县wap 荥阳市wap 福贡县5G 廉江市wap 汤阴县wap 传奇私服中变最佳外挂 传奇私服火龙元素版本 传奇私服单机版客户端 传奇私服网站新开网微端 传奇私服单机架设 传奇私服手游发布网站 传奇私服加速外挂下 传奇私服random详解 打金传奇私服网站 新开热血传奇私服大全